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Impact Areas

Our Three-Fold Impact

The Katija Neuber Fund strives to create positive change in three key areas:

Youth Education:

Our primary focus is providing resources to help young people access educational opportunities that empower them to reach their full potential. This includes scholarships for enrichment programs in academics, technology, arts, and athletics. We also support mentorship initiatives, after-school programs, and career development for youth.

Cerebral Palsy Research:

We fund medical research dedicated to improving treatment options and quality of life for those living with cerebral palsy. Our grants support studies on new therapies, assistive technology, pain management, and more. This research makes a difference for people like our namesake Katija.

Neurodiversity Awareness:

We aim to promote understanding and acceptance of neurological differences through education and advocacy. This includes hosting events, supporting neurodiversity groups, and sharing stories of those thriving with disabilities. Our goal is a society that recognizes neurological diversity as a natural part of human variation.

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Impact Areas

Our Investment Strategy 

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The Katija Neuber Fund aims to invest its assets responsibly to generate returns that will support our philanthropic mission over the long-term.

Asset Allocation:

40% will be invested in equity index funds for growth

40% will be invested in fixed income securities for income and stability

20% will be held in cash for liquidity and to take advantage of strategic opportunities

Indexes and Bonds:

Equity indexes will track broad markets and sectors to diversify risks

Bonds will consist of government and corporate bonds with investment grade ratings

ESG Factors:

Seek out investments that rate highly on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria

Avoid companies involved in activities that conflict with our mission

Impact Investments:

Target 2-5% of portfolio for impact investments such as community development projects


Rebalance asset allocation at least annually to maintain target thresholds

Reinvest dividends and interest earned to compound returns

Our conservative, diversified, and mission-aligned investment strategy aims to grow the fund's assets to support youth programs for years to come.

Impact Areas

Grant Selection Criteria

The Katija Neuber Fund provides grants to support impactful projects and research aligned with our mission. When reviewing grant applications, we use the following criteria:

Impact Potential:

Will the project have a direct, measurable impact on improving outcomes for youth and/or individuals with disabilities?

How many people will benefit? What is the scope of impact?

Are there clear objectives and an evaluation plan?

Alignment with Mission:

Does the project align with our focus areas of youth education, cerebral palsy research, or neurodiversity awareness?

Does it embrace values of diversity, empowerment, inclusion, and opportunity?

Organization Capacity:

Does the organization have the expertise, resources, and track record to successfully execute on the project?

Is the budget realistic and cost-effective?


Does the project take an innovative approach to addressing needs?

Will it build knowledge and momentum in the field?


Will the benefits continue beyond the duration of the grant?

Is there a plan for financial sustainability long-term?

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