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Financial Donations

While our main source of funding comes from grants from companies, non-profits, family estates, and other organisations, we welcome individual, independent donations from people wishing to create salient impact across the world.

Please email our grants team at, and we will discuss on how you can create the greatest impact through your valued contribution to our fund.

Please note that Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Fund is a registered non-profit entity in the Republic of Korea. 

Donations occurring from non-Korean territories are subject to your local regulations regarding charitable contributions. 

Tax credits may not be applied in countries that does not offer tax credits for charitable donations and/or locations where the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Fund is not registered as a non-profit entity.


Join our Team

We welcome anyone to create greater contributions by joining our team. We welcome people of all skill levels, expertise, and credentials. Middle school, high school, and college students are also welcome to apply.

If you would like to consider joining our team, please email with your full name, resumé, and contact details for you to be considered.

Our team will follow up to schedule a interview and conduct other procedures to see if you are a fit for us.

The hours you contribute are flexible, and are highly adjustable depending on your commitments.

Please note that our fund has a 100% volunteer workforce, we do not provide remuneration for your work and is a passion-fuelled volunteer movement.

apply for a grant or consider giving

Rolling applications for grant award open for all youth organisations