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Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute

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Welcome to the Katija Hyoungjoo ​Neuber Institute.

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We are a innovative youth-led​ think tank.

Youths are the key for the future; they will be ​the ones who will get the countless benefits ​and innovations made by the generations of ​the past and today.

Yet, they will also inherit the countless ​problems plaguing our world: climate change, ​inequalities, wars, to name just a few.

So, is the world ready to welcome the next ​generation? Our institute is here to answer ​that.

We advocate for youths to be valid​ stakeholders in politics.

We advocate for youths to be valid ​stakeholders in politics, recognizing their ​unique perspectives and essential ​contributions.

By championing policies and platforms that ​amplify youth voices, we strive to create an ​inclusive political landscape that values and ​empowers the next generation.

We engage with diverse policymakers and ​institutions, particularly the United Nations ​System to bring system-wide, institutional, and ​international stakeholder recognition of ​youths.

We conduct in-depth policy ​research to drive youth activism.

We are dedicated to empowering youth as ​essential stakeholders in the political arena.

Through rigorous policy research, we aim to ​drive youth activism and ensure that young ​voices are heard and respected.

We encourage youths to use us as a platform ​to spread their thoughts, opinions, and ideas ​through evidence-based, academic advocacy.

We assist other youth organisations ​to engage with policymakers.

Driving meaningful change, especially in ​complex and large institutions like the United ​Nations as a youth organisation is hard.

We’re here to help youth organisations ​navigate the process of how they could engage ​with the UN, from ECOSOC Consultative ​Status to attending and speaking in UN ​conferences and forums.

We are different.

We are different. Unlike many think tanks that remain distant from the communities they serve, the Katija ​Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute actively engages with youth at the grassroots level.


We work closely with youth ​communities, ensuring that our research ​and initiatives are shaped by their voices ​and experiences.


We create a dynamic environment that ​values diverse perspectives, ensuring ​that all youth feel represented and ​heard.


Our research prioritizes practical ​solutions over abstract theories, aiming ​for real-world impact.

We ask you to support us.

For youths, for humanity, for earth.

At the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute, we empower young people as essential stakeholders in the political arena ​through rigorous policy research and advocacy. Join us in this mission by giving, volunteering, or contributing to our ​research efforts. Your support is crucial in creating a better future for all.

Your generous donations to the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute directly support ​our mission to empower youth as vital stakeholders in politics.


Volunteering with the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute offers you a opportunity to ​make a tangible impact on youth empowerment.


Contributing to research at the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute allows you to be ​at the forefront of youth empowerment and political engagement.


Contact Us

+82 10 5696 8302

The DMUN Foundation has flexible work hours, if we do not respond by ​phone, please email us.

Katija Hyoungjoo Neber Institute is a associated organisation of the DMUN Foundation, collectively referred as “The Foundation” here after, (Registered Charity 790-80-02573, Republic of Korea), the umbrella ​organisation for Discover Model United Nations, Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute, and YouthCubed.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Foundation strictly prohibit any form of discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment based on race, ethnicity, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or any ​other protected characteristic.

For Foreign Donors

Donors who have foreign citizenship or registered in a foreign country (for entities) may be subject to local regulations that may prohibit them from receiving tax exemptions from donations to a foreign non-profit ​entity or being able to contribute at all. Please check local regulations on contributing to a foreign non-profit entity prior to contributing to the Foundation.

Important Notice for All Donors

The Katija Neuber Institute, its affiliates, and its associates do not provide financial, legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal, financial and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions, ​including donations to non-profits.

Declaration on Political Independence and Neutrality

The Foundation does not accept donations or contributions from any governments or entities owned by a government due to its policy on political neutrality. No donor, regardless of individual or entity, or amount ​contributed has the right to influence the Foundation’s decisions or any part of its operations.

Statements included in this website may not reflect the Foundation’s opinions on such matters, but opinions of certain members of the Foundation. An opinion that reflects the whole of the Foundation or its associated ​member organizations will be expectedly indicated and stated.

The Foundation reserves the right to refuse donations, contributions, or partnership offers if the Foundation determines the provided contributions/donations to be from illegal, unethical, or immoral sources.

Communications Disclaimer

In all emails of The Foundation, TLS, a standard encryption protocol for emails, is used. These emails can include your personal, confidential or other sensitive information (“Private Information”). If you or your entity ​does not utilise TLS, there is a greater risk of unauthorised disclosure of Private Information, which The Foundation does not hold responsibility of.

Notice on Grant Provisions

The DMUN Foundation, and its constituent organisations including the Katija Hyoungjoo Neuber Institute is registered as a non-profit government to the Republic of Korea.

The DMUN Foundation reserves the right to review a gift request/fundraiser request/volunteer application, and if required, withhold or cancel the gift/fundraiser/volunteer application if the individual or entity has: ​gained the funds/resources for the gift in unlawful, immoral or unethical ways, are not legally allowed to provide a gift to a foreign non-profit organisation, are prohibited under the Inter-Korea Cooperation Act or other ​relevant regulations from the Republic of Korea, included in the United Nations Security Council Consolidated List, or prohibited from contributing to The Foundation through a resolution from the Board of ​Trustees.

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